Love Crossroads? Spread the Word!

Ordained Ministers

Church Representatives are like ambassadors for all we do here at Crossroads and in the community, at your church. They provide a source of communication and partnership between two distinct parts of the greater Church. While affiliated with Crossroads, they provide a valuable service to their local church by spreading the word about the opportunities at Crossroads. They also serve as a liaison to our students about opportunities to serve, with you and where you are.

You can volunteer to represent Crossroads in your community. Provide your church with news about our happenings at Crossroads. We'd love to hear your news too! Let them know how they can get involved spiritually, academically here at Crossroads.


Ministers: Are you a minister that loves Crossroads? Do you believe partnership with Crossroads would benefit your Church body? Represent Crossroads! We'd love to have you join fellow church leaders across Indiana, supporting their church growth through a deeper relationship with Crossroads Bible College.

Ask us about becoming part of our referal page on this website. Sponsor (internships) and (student opportunities). Invite us (Our Speakers Bureau) to your church.

For more, Check out our Faculty Page

For any questions regarding contact information, please connect with our friendly receptionist in the front office. Call (317)789-8277, or fax 789-8253.