Parents and Students

Of course parents and students are very important supporters of any place of higher education, and without the love and support that they provide we would not be here today. We appreciate all of the help and faithfulness that you provide and bring to the school.

Through you, the parents and students, we are changing the world for the better. You are the reason for all of our successes as a college. So pat yourselves on the back and be proud of yourselves: our most valued sponsors.

Contact information for parents and students:


The Alumni Association is an integral part of the Crossroads Bible College tradition of excellence, service, and caring. Through the Office of Alumni Services and the Alumni Executive Council, the alumni body is provided resource information, institutional updating, as well as personal recognition and assistance.

Since 1980, over 7,000 people have attended Crossroads Bible College. Our alumni are actively involved in ministering and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Alumni Services has an active role in uniting alumni for spiritual fellowship and in promoting projects which support the school. A placement service assists seniors and alumni in finding places of ministry.

If you have any questions concerning Alumni Services, Please E-mail us at

How You can Join

You are always welcome to join our big family of supporters and friends here at Crossroads. We welcome anyone and everyone from all four corners of the earth. We will be very pleased to hear more from you. For information on planned giving opportunities, gifts, and the annual fund: