What is Missional Service?

Definition: "Missional Service" can be any form of involvement or service for the community, whether local or global, that is a form of missionary work or witnessing.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • How can I get involved?
  • What does Missional Service entail?
  • Are there any prerequisites before someone can start?
  • What good does this do for my major?
  • Are there real hands-on experiences that can come in handy later when looking for a job?

Our Starting Point:

The First step in knowing what this program is about is to know where the university itself stands. For the university, the institutional goals of Crossroads Bible College are the direct educational outcomes of our calling to train Christian leaders to reach a multi-ethnic urban world for Christ. It is our desire to glorify God by developing leaders with servant hearts motivated by a passion for God and compassion for people. They are life-long learners and continue to demonstrate measurable growth in their knowledge, attitudes (dispositions) and skills in the following areas.

What is the point of all this reaching out that Crossroads is encouraging? The point is that Crossroads wants to continue to impact the world, as have many other believers proclaiming the gospel, by reaching out into the community. The community does not have to be a large community, or even a small one, just outreach period. This university wants to have massive outreach into the community. Missional Service can be used anywhere for the glory of God, doing just about anything that his church is in need of.

What do we do?

Missional Service can be any number of things that reach out into the community at large. Whether you serve on a food line for the homeless and the poor, volunteer at your local Boys and Girls Club, or simply tutor disadvantaged kids in your community schools there is always someone somewhere to be reached with the gospel. Set your mind to fill a need in a place that needs to hear about the wonderful work of Jesus Christ, and then go do it.

We need to remain aware that wherever we may go, people there may not be of the same ethnic or culture group that we are. Understanding ethnic and cultural differences, and responding by bringing many diverse peoples together with effective inter-cultural communication, should be the result of a servant’s desire to learn and serve (Romans 12:1-6). If we can learn from our neighbors, we can spread the gospel to all corners of the earth as we are commanded to do (Matthew 28:16-20).


The experience of following God and Jesus are very rewarding. However, the path may be difficult and even treacherous at times, but the Lord is my shepherd. He shall make strait my paths (Proverbs 3:6). Yes, there is some practical experience to be had from your service in missions. If you are a theology major (or related department of study) then this can be some very practical volunteering experience that may be required of you.

For example if you wish to go into Urban ministry, it would only be to your benefit to have worked with urban kids and adults before you actually go seeking a job to do so full-time. Starting out with Missional Service is a great way to gain experience in the field bot witnessing God’s word and your given job/service that you are performing. Both will prepare you for the future of your ministry.

If there are no requirements that you have to meet by doing this, then do it for God. He should be the focus in the beginning, but do the services that He has gifted you with. Be the living sacrifice that can and will further His work. Humanity is lost without Christ, reach the fallen and help bring them into the fold.