Speakers Bureau

We love to serve you with our giftings in speaking & teaching. Make your next church, event, function, club, sunday church, or study a little different. Bring in one of our dynamic preachers or engaging professors to preach, teach or lead a special talk or discussion. Just call on us at 789-TALK (8255). Yes, we can customize topics but here's a glimpse of a few ideas of what we can share.

Ready for your next event.

Speakers Bureau
  • Dr. Charles A. Ware
  • Nationally renown speaker
  • Racial Relationships
  • Preaching
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Nicholas Piotrowski
  • Dr. Nicholas Piotrowski
  • Books of the Bible
  • Old & New Testatment
  • Specific Passages
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Mike Smith
  • Professor Mike Smith
  • Romans, James, Hebrews
  • History of the early church.
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Terry Mcintosh