Earn college credit during your junior and senior years in high school! We make it simple--and definitely worthwhile. Crossroads professors are energetic, relevant, practical, conservative, and well read. Our instructors hold to a Christian worldview, implement biblical integration in all subjects, and are content specialists We're ready and eager to help you get a head start on college success.

We're Convenient: Courses are taught at the Crossroads campus, morning, afternoon and evening.

We're close to home: Crossroads has many locations-- or we can set up a class at your location with a minimum of students.

Did we mention saving money?: Invest in Dual Credit and you can save thousands in tuition costs later.

We're college -- or college prep: Make admissions departments smile when receiving your student application.

We're helping you toward success: Completion of college-level courses helps you be successful in making the transition to a college campus later. You will have acquired the confidence to succeed academically and personally in college. Learn what college professors expect while still in familiar high school surroundings.

  • CBC reserves the right to cancel classes with low enrollment and refund tuition.
  • Classes are onsite only. No online classes may be dual credit.
  • Some restrictions apply to quantity of dual credit students per class.

Are the Dual Credit courses Transferable?

Crossroads Courses are accredited through (ABHE). They transfer into all the programs at Crossroads and all other ABHE schools. Transfer credits are mostly up to the accepting institute to evaluate.
We have many courses that transfer to the main universities in Indiana and other institutions. Should a course be non-traditional in nature, an elective or be part of a unique program ie: urban leadership, then an institution will evaluate the credits on a course by course basis. This is true of all schools.
Keeping your syllabus to demonstrate how a course meets similar standards and can assist you if the credits are questioned. Many professors will also speak on your behalf to clarify course content to a school.
Crossroads students have transferred into IUPUI, IU, PU, IWU, Taylor, and many other schools. Some proprietory schools may choose not to accept transfer credits as they are hoping to make the money themselves. Be careful to check the transferability of a course to a school before taking it.

Dual Credit Requirements:

  • Students must be accepted and enrolled in Crossroads Bible College and meet all student requirements.
  • Students must earn a C or better to qualify for future classes.
  • Students must earn a C or better to qualify for future classes.
  • A maximum of two (2) classes per semester per student.

What are the costs for taking Dual Credit?

  • Course fees are set on a per semester basis and are for the current semester only. Prices subject to change by course and semester.
  • Dual credit, 3-hour courses are about a third of a regular course--a substantial savings.