Life is busy. Life is on-the-go. In the age of tablets and mobile smartphones, we now have access to more knowledge than humanity has ever had before. We at Crossroads Bible College see this as an opportunity. In our online program, you will be able to access courses, complete assignents, connect with instructors as well as build important connections to other professionals who work in these fields of study.

Cohort Model

the cohort of awesomeness

Share the adventure together! Our Cohort model gives you the opportunity to journey through your college experience with a core group of individuals. You will share the same courses, the same experience, and the same connections to faculty and peers during your time at Crossroads Bible College.

Mix and Match

the cohort of awesomeness

Create a path of your own! It's your choice. We offer 5 week, 15 week and online courses. You can mix and match selecting what works for your schedule and pace.