Crossroads Online. How smart is that?

The convenience of online distance learning is available on your schedule at your location. Let's talk and see if online courses are for you.

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What complete degree programs are available?

Online - Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to take online programs or courses?

Entrance requirements are the same as any CBC student.

Can I take one course or do I have to enroll in a program?

Individual courses are available but you must be an enrolled student to participate.

Are the online degrees accredited?

Yes - click to see more

How much does it cost?

Click here to see current tuition information. Online is the same as regular courses per hour.

How long does each course last?

8 Weeks

Is there Financial Aid available?

Yes. Check with our financial aid department

Can I start whenever I want, or are there specific start dates?

The online courses are offered at the first of each month. You tell us when you want to start.

Can I see a sample of what an online course is like?

We're working on that. Check back soon!

How do I get textbooks?

You may purchase them from online sources or through Our online bookstore. This allows you the freedom to find the best price for your textbooks instead of having to pay for a pre-package selection.

How do I get access to library resources for research projects?

Many sources are available in local libraries or through interlibrary loans. Online resources are also available. If you are unable to obtain any book which is in the CBC library, you may request a copy from another library.

How much contact will I have with the instructor?

Your instructor will evaluate the assignments you submit and will oversee the discussion on the online forum. In addition, you may contact the instructor with questions at any time.

How do I get more information?

Contact Admissions for more information