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Online Programs

Crossroads Online provides students with an opportunity to take a few classes online or fully complete a Bachelor of Science degree in all four majors. Self-paced learning is education which the learner studies a subject at one’s own pace and has limited professor contact hours. At CBC, self-paced learning is monitored in 8-week modules at the beginning of each month. A course extension may be granted by the grading professor. Students complete online reflections, projects, and reading assignments through Populi and consortium of schools. The student works through each lesson and learning exercises. There may not be an examination for the courses in the self- paced option. Some courses may have video enhancement where students can watch or hear short lectures of a previously live session. Other professors may post Vimeo, YouTube, and other similar online videos to stimulate thinking about the subject.

Benefits for online courses include:

  • Students can complete all courses online
  • Each course can be completed in eight weeks
  • Students will have regular contact with a qualified professor
  • Online forums offer an opportunity to interact with other students
  • Each course emphasizes a Biblical view of life and learning
  • Students are eligible for financial aid
  • Online degrees are accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education, which is recognized by the US Department of Education.

Online Programs


Got questions? Check out our Online Learning Handbook or click here for more info.