Crossroads Online provides students with an opportunity to take a few classes online or fully complete a Bachelor of Science degree in all four majors. Self-paced learning is education which the learner studies a subject at one’s own pace and has limited professor contact hours. At CBC, self-paced learning is monitored in 8-week modules at the beginning of each month. A course extension is granted by the grading professor. Students complete online reflections, projects, and reading assignments through Atheneo and consortium of schools. The student works through each lesson and learning exercises. There is no examination for the courses in the self- paced option. Some courses may have video enhancement where students can watch or hear short lectures of a previously live session. Other professors may post Vimeo, YouTube, and other similar online videos to stimulate thinking about the subject.

Benefits for online courses include:

  • Students can complete all courses online
  • Each course can be completed in eight weeks
  • Students will have regular contact with a qualified professor
  • Online forums offer an opportunity to interact with other students
  • Each course emphasizes a Biblical view of life and learning
  • Students are eligible for financial aid
  • OnlinedegreesareaccreditedbytheAssociationforBiblicalHigherEducation,whichisrecognizedbythe US Department of Education.

Online Programs

Biblical Counseling and Equipping

Biblical counseling and equipping fulfills the mandate in Ephesians 4:11-16 for church leaders to equip God’s peopletodotheworkoftheministrybyspeakingthetruthinlove—thepersonalministryoftheWord. Thiscourse of study equips students for local church and para-church counseling, equipping, discipleship, mentoring, and shepherding of men, women, and youth of various ethnic backgrounds. It positions graduates for pursuing advance studies in biblical counseling, including seminary and graduate school.

Leadership and Ministry

The Leadership and Ministry program is intended to provide Christian leaders with background and skills in leadership and how they should be applied in ministry. Ministry is defined broadly to refer to any situation in which Christians are teaching, leading, worshiping, evangelizing, serving or studying aspects of the Christian faith. Tracks include Pastoral Ministry and MissionsRead More

Organizational Leadership

Based on principles found in God’s Word and the example set forth by Jesus Christ, students will learn biblical leadership concepts. A degree in Organizational Leadership prepares students to assume leadership roles within organizations, both Christian and secular. Focus is on biblical principles of ethics and their practical application in today’s workplace.Read More

Urban Leadership

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) prepares students to understand that everything is theological. There is no bifurcation of secular—sacred. All things are granted coherence through The Personal Eternal Triune Creator, Who is the Originator-Sustainer-Redeemer of all things. The IDS program conforms to a broad, biblically based, Christian construct of understanding the wholeness of God’s world...Read More

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