Schedule by term. These are for the Indianapolis Main Campus.

Course Catalog

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Explanation of terms.

  • Course numbers- the official number so check to make sure it matches your roadmap.
  • Cohort- listing of classes for a specific group.
  • Course title. You can look up the description under the programs page.
  • Day: If there is an option you can pick a course to meet your schedule.
  • Dates: Check the duration of the course.
  • Time: the beginning and ending of the class.
  • Campus: Make sure your course is where you hoped it would be.
  • Room: Please jot it down prior to the first class and remember where you are going.
  • Professor: Check the faculty directory if you wish to contact the professor prior to the first class.
  • Modality: Courses are offered in 5 week, 15 week and online formats.
  • Drop Deadline: Make a note. Dropping after this date would have consequences to your grade.
  • Withdrawal Deadline: This is the last date you can withdraw from class.

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