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Home School Student Checklist

Send us your High School Transcript. It needs to go to the Admissions Office and should include:

  • A summary of all courses you took in High School (whether at home, in a co-op environment, through a school, etc.) Please note that as a bare minimum, we have to abide by the State of Indiana Core 40 Requirements
  • Title of Each Course
  • Grade recieved in each course
  • Cumulative GPA on a 4.0 Scale
  • It has to be signed by the primary instructor but does not have to be "certified" by any agency/organization.

We will also need:

  • An official copy of your SAT/ACT scores. Make sure this gets to the admissions department. For more information on this, see The College Board Website
  • A Personal Reference Form Have someone fill this out and send it to us. Make sure he/she sends it to admissions
  • A Personal Statement from you! Yes, you! We want to know about your spiritual life, academic goals, future career plans, and how we can help you achieve those things.

After you apply, your counselor will be available to answer any other questions you might have.

As always, feel free to call (789-TALK) or Email the Admissions office if you have questions.

After You Apply

Now that you've applied, here are some things that might particularly interest you:

Parents. You're important too!

Parental involvment is crucial to student success. We want to involve you at every point along the way. Here is a page where you can find more information