Exciting things happen when you first arrive at Crossroads! Hopefully, your nerves will subside in that excitement because now it's time to learn. What to do next? Here are a few things to consider...

1. Did you get your books? Don't wait until the first class. Get them before you arrive. Order them here to get awesome deals!

2. Talk to an advisor: Choosing the right course load is important to your success. Your already busy as it is! Adding school into the mix means something else in your life needs to be put on hold. Your other commitments will have to be less than before or be temporarily put on hold. Don't overestimate your ability to add school and keep your normal routine. Your GPA is important to continuing at Crossroads.

3. Execute strong time management: The upcoming course load may feel slow at first and the assignments are only lines on the syllabus. Don't think you have a time lull. You don't. If you are in an accelerated course, you must begin on the first day preparing not only for the first assignment but also for the last. Daily, persistent progress and work will get you through the whirlwind ending of the semester, and those who started in advance will feel a great deal less pressure than those who coast at the start. Block out regular study intervals for yourself, and avoid the "end of the semester" panic as much as you can!.

4. Money madness: Get your finances in order now before the session begins. Talking with a Crossroads Financial Aid Advisor by E-mail, or phone at 317-789-8250 is a good place to start.

5. Emergency planning: Do you know where to go if you have a tornado near your building? Do you know what to do in an emergency or how to get an illness seen to? Prepare for these situations ahead of time. Check on our website for our weather alerts and emergency information. We'll have information at the top of every page in case of an emergency.

6. Life: So many things can create stress in your life. Make sure you've got some stress relief habits. Two of the biggest reasons people postpone their education are because of family/job situations and finances. If we can help you on either, please don't wait until things are unmanageable to ask for help. In case of an emergency, notify your professor and advisor as soon as possible, so they can help you through it. Better yet, try to start strong in case an unexpected situation arises. Then you can manage through it because you were prepared ahead of time.

Plan to Exceed the Standards

Take risks! Learn. Grow.

Students who go beyond the expecations of grades and assignments become the world changing leaders that Crossroads hopes to train. Learning is more than the due diligence of an assignment, paper, or project. It's going for more. Students typically say, "Just tell me what to do and I'll do it." We want you to think beyond just the performance factor and experience that horizons can be expanded. Ask the big questions.

Try and fail, then recover. Learn. Apply.

More than what your teacher had required, you can do it! More than what you thought you could do, you can surprise yourself. Yes, you can. Now go, excel! Live!