Biblical Counseling

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Fain, Jim Ph.D.

  • Adjunct Professor of Biblical Counseling
Dr. Kellemen

Kellemen, Bob Ph.D.

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Rogers, Andrew

Department of Biblical-Theological Studies

John Bechtle

Bechtle, John Ph.D

  • Adjunct Professor of Biblical-Theological Studies
Gene Crouch

Crouch, Gene

  • Adjunct Professor of Biblical-Theological Studies
Nicholas Piotrowski

Piotrowski, Nicholas G. Ph.D.

  • Director of Biblical and Theological Studies
  • Associate Dean of Academics

Department of Christian Education

Mike Smith

Smith, Mike

  • Professor of Christian Education & Bible

General Education

Terry Mcintosh

McIntosh, Terry

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Pappas, Dave

  • Adjunct Professor of General Education
Rhonda Upchurch

Upchurch, Rhonda

  • Adjunct Professor

Church Leadership and Management Department

Joel Badal

Badal, Joel Ph.D.

  • Director, Northwest Indiana
  • Professor of Pastoral Theology, Leadership and Management
  • Dean of Educational Services

Urban Leadership

Hosea Baxter

Baxter, Hosea

  • Department Chair of Urban Leadership
  • Professor of Urban Leadership
Bob Smith

Smith, Robert

Multiple Disciplines

Dountonia Batts

Batts, Dountonia

  • Adjunct Professor
  • Registrar
John Crowder

John Crowder

  • Adjunct Professor
Daniel Morgan

Daniel Morgan

  • Adjunct Professor
Marcus Schrader

Schrader, Marcus

  • Dean of Administration
Dr. Ware

Ware, Charles Ph.D.

  • President

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