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Starting this August 2016, you will have two convenient opportunities to enroll in Crossroads Bible College’s foundational biblical counseling course: BCE 101: Biblical Counseling 1—Theology: How Christ Changes Lives. I’ll share more about those two opportunities in a moment. But first, take a look at 3 portraits describing why to enroll in BCE 101…

Portrait # 1: What to Do After the Hug 

Picture with me a committed Christian sitting at Starbucks with her best friend and fellow church member. Her heart is pounding as she silently prays, “Lord, please give me wisdom.” Her friend has finally opened up about the fear, anxiety, and panic she experiences daily, and shared, “I know the Bible talks about trusting the Lord and taking all my anxiety to Him. But how in the world do I relate who God is and what His Word says to my fears?”

I’m teaching BCE 101 for this committed Christian friend and everyone like her—for folks like you—who want to know what to do after the hug.

Portrait # 2: How to Help Struggling Christians 

Picture with me a pastor stepping out from behind the pulpit. He’s just finished confidently preaching on James 4:1-4 and the source of relationship problems. During the meet-and-greet time after the service, a visitor, not knowing that this is typically time for casual chit-chat, asks the pastor, “How could my wife and I apply your message to our marriage? We’ve seen a divorce attorney, but we’d like to save our marriage. Could you help?” While looking poised on the outside, inside the pastor is thinking, “They taught me how to preach in seminary, but not how to help a struggling couple to change.”

I’m teaching BCE 101 for this pastor and every pastor like him—for folks like you—who long for the same confidence and competence in the personal ministry of the Word that you have in the preaching/teaching ministry of the Word.

Portrait # 3: How to Equip People to Speak Truth in Love  

Picture with me a couple called by their church to lead their congregation’s new one-another equipping ministry. It’s designed to train “the average person in the church” to be “competent to counsel.” Sorting through literally hundreds of excellent books on counseling, the husband says to his wife, “So much great material. But where do we begin? My head is swimming with information, but at the same time drowning with overload.” His wife, nodding in agreement, replies, “We need something that ties this all together, that guides us from the big picture to the nightly lesson. You know, like the Evangelism Explosion training manuals do for sharing our faith.”

I’m teaching BCE 101 for this couple and all church leaders like them—for folks like you—who long for a focused local church counseling curriculum. For folks who want a best-practice approach for equipping God’s people to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth so they can care like Christ.

8 Ultimate Life Questions 

BCE 101 addresses the 8 ultimate life questions that every person asks and every biblical counselor must be prepared to address. Here are the questions, embedded in the course description:

This foundational course explores the theology of biblical counseling in the local church (pastors and members). It assists church leaders to develop a Christ-centered, church-based, comprehensive, compassionate, and culturally-informed model of biblical counseling and equipping that embraces life issues in a biblical and relational way. In seeking to discern what makes biblical counseling ministry biblical, the course will explore the eight biblical categories of:

  • God’s Word: “Where do we find wisdom for life in a broken world?”
  • The Trinity: “Whose view of God will we believe?”
  • Creation: “Whose am I?”
  • Fall: “What is the root source of our problems?”
  • Redemption: “How does Christ change people?”
  • The Church: “Where do we find a place to believe, belong, and become—like Christ?”
  • Consummation: “How does our future destiny impact our present reality?”
  • Sanctification: “How do we become like Jesus?”

Convenient Learning Option # 1: Tuesday Evenings, 6-10 PM

You can join us in BCE 101 on five Tuesday evenings from August 16 to September 13, from 6:00-10:00 PM at College Park Church in North Indianapolis.

To learn more about this convenient option, contact me at: Or, contact our College Park site director, Bob Stone at:

Convenient Learning Option # 2: Tuesdays, 11:20 AM to 2:00 PM

You can join us in BCE 101 on fifteen Tuesdays from August 23 to December 6, from 11:20 AM to 2:00 PM on our main Crossroads campus in Indianapolis.

To learn more about this convenient option, contact me at: Or, contact our Director of Admissions, Annetta Coleman at:

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