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Who Are Alumni?

Alumni are graduates or former students of a specific school, college, or university. This group of people is very important to the university even after they graduate. So for those of you who are alumni, this page is for you.

Why Are Alumni Important?

The Alumni Association is an integral part of the Crossroads Bible College tradition of excellence, service, and caring. Through the Office of Alumni Services and the Alumni Executive Council, the alumni body is provided resource information, institutional updating, as well as personal recognition and assistance.

When a college grows in prestige, size, and rank, the alumni grow in these ways as well. Our Alumni Association seeks to honor our graduates for being a part of our family. We appreciate you and are in the process of making more services available to our alumni. Since 1980, over 7,000 people have attended Crossroads Bible College. Our alumni are actively involved in ministering and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. You are not only important to us at Crossroads Bible College, but you are important to the gospel itself.

What Do We Do?

Alumni Services has an active role in uniting alumni together for spiritual and social fellowship. Communication is vital for our alumni to continue to be involved with the school long after graduation. We strive to keep you up-to-date and actively involved by promoting projects with you that support the college. A placement service assists seniors and alumni in finding places of ministry.

For more information regarding Alumni Services, please email us at