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Articulation Agreements

Crossroads Bible College reports the following Articulation Agreements which are currently active and on file. An Articulation Agreement is an officially approved agreement between two institutions, which allows a student to apply credits earned in a specific academic program at one institution (academic or non-academic) toward advanced standing, entry, or transfer into a specific program at the other institution. Credits may be in the form of “Life Experience,” Direct Course to Course Transfer or Open Electives [Standard 3, EE1; Standard 7, EE4 and Policies on Transfer and the Award of Academic Credit; Policy on Validating Credits Earned at Unaccredited Institutions; Policy on Adult Degree Completion].

Articulation Agreements on file with the Commission on Accreditation:

  1. New Tribes Bible Institute, Waukesha, WI
  2. Word of Life Bible Institute, Schroon Lake, NY
  3. Orchard Network’s Momentum Leadership, Barrington, IL
  4. Biblical Counseling Center, Arlington Heights, IL
  5. Wheeler Mission, Indianapolis, IN
  6. Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries, Lafayette, IN

Institutions requesting the establishment of an “Academic Articulation Agreement” should send inquiries to the Institutional Effectiveness Office: The Institutional Effectiveness office will direct each request to the appropriate department and administrator.