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Institute for Extended Learning

Institute for Extended Learning

Do you just love learning? Would you like to see what a college course is like without being responsible for all the work? Perhaps, you would like a refresher in Old Testament theology or a new experience in studying counseling.

CBC Institute for Extended Learning allows you to participate in a course for the joy of learning. Any class can be taken for a small charge of $150.00 per course.

While there is no degree or certificate for an institute course, you can earn a big reward of a smile and a sense of accomplishment.

To inquire about taking on a new challenge and a CBC institute course, contact our Student Concierge by E-mail, or by phone at 317-789-8271.

*Institute courses are not transferable and can’t be “upgraded” to a regular college course.  You must apply to Admissions and become an admitted student to participate in receiving credit for the course.

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