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Work Study


Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a program for undergraduate and graduate students to work on a part- time basis up to twenty hours a week. It is based on your financial need and is evaluated through your financial aid awards. To be eligible, you must have filed your FAFSA form by March 10th and be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant Program.


How do I apply for Federal Work-Study?

Federal work-study is part of your financial aid award. It requires that you have filed a FAFSA form by March 10th each year. Once you are awarded a designated amount, it can be used each semester as the limit to your earnings. You begin the process by speaking to the Financial Aid department.


At Crossroads, where can I find work-study jobs?

Work-study is based on your qualifications for it and then how much Crossroads has available to fund work-study students. A variety of jobs are available in these areas.


How will I be paid?  Can I use my earnings only for school?

Crossroads pays it’s FWS students bi-weekly. It’s your money to help you reduce your cost of education. You can use the earnings any way you choose. The goal is to finish your education. The purpose of the program is to help you get to graduation.

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