To Glorify God by Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ

Parents and Family

Parents and Family

When your child is going off to college or your wife/husband is going back to school, it makes sense that you would have some questions. You might be concerned about whether or not Crossroads is the best choice for such a big lifetime decision. You might have questions about how to stay connected with your student and happenings at Crossroads. Let us allay your fears. We have put together some special topic areas of interest, just for you, the parents and family members of potential and current Crossroads students. Once you’ve become acquainted with Crossroads, why not explore a little deeper by setting up a campus visit? We’d love to meet you. If you don’t find what you need, please contact us at:

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Common Concerns

**All grades are subject to FERPA and are therefore contained in the Campus Management/Learning System. Parents cannot view their child’s grade unless there is a signature of that student releasing the private information to them. Please visit Registrar Forms to fill out a release.

Supporting your Student

Family Atmosphere

Crossroads provides a family atmosphere in two ways. One, the Bible-driven teaching permeates all we do here. You can see it in practically everything: chapel, regular coursework, service-based internships, and faculty/student relationships. Wherever you go, Crossroads provides a focus on our true Center. We were created with that purpose. Secondly, the community at Crossroads is rich with accountability and fellowship, like a great Christian family. Students choose Crossroads because of this community and the support it lends during their academic career. Parents can feel confident, not only that their child is safe, but that they are surrounded by solid teaching and true community.

It’s Affordable

Why does Crossroads care so much about being affordable? Because we don’t want cost to keep future Christian Leaders from getting the education they need to accomplish God’s plan for their lives. That’s why it is one of the primary goals of Crossroads to be affordable to students from all walks of life. We keep things practical by keeping tuition and fees low and by offering a variety of Financial Aid options to make financial aid tuition.

Exceptional Quality

Crossroads accepts students from a variety of academic backgrounds; however, they all have a common goal, to pursue academic excellence. Students come to learn about the Bible and to prepare for Christian leadership in many fields. This unified objective is in line with Crossroads mission, to produce excellent Christian leaders for service, now and in the future. This means that students and faculty work together to make the learning experience productive. Students are then more prepared for their vocation or further education.

Immersive Learning

Learning is not just about acing exams, but about obtaining concrete knowledge that you can use every day with confidence. Students are encouraged to take what they learn in classes and apply it in practical ways, such as during supervised internships and hands-on learning. When a student leaves Crossroads, they leave prepared to use what they learned and not just pass tests. Why? Because they have real life experience to draw from. Students are provided opportunities that can build their knowledge base and their resume. Like an internship tailored to a student who wanted to learn about technology; they were provided access to equipment and guidance to work with a variety of programs used in website design. Another student with silver screen aspirations, learned about set dressing, checking continuity, and editing on a shoot for a family friendly short film.