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Crossroads Bible College (CBC) Board of Trustees has appointed Dr.  Albert Charles Ware as President Emeritus and Mr. Michael Gentry as Interim President.

After Dr. Ware underwent an unexpected bypass heart surgery on April 2, 2018, the Crossroads Bible College’s Board of Trustees in compliance with the Board Policy Manual enacted the Emergency Succession Plan.  According to the Policy Manual the board chair, Mr. Michael Gentry, was appointed as the Interim President of the college.  Board member, Dr. Brian Simmons, was elected as chairman of the CBC Board of Trustees. To facilitate a competent and sound leadership transition, Mr. Gentry will be working in concert with Dr. Ware and the CBC administrative leadership.

As Dr. Ware was recovering the Board of Trustees was praying and seeking wisdom for their next steps. Critical to their deliberation was that Dr. Ware, prior to his surgery, had submitted a Letter of Resignation effective June 30, 2019. The Board of Trustees was preparing to respond to the Letter of Resignation during its May 19, 2018 Board of Trustee Meeting.

However, it seems prudent to Dr. Ware and the Board of Trustee that Dr. Ware be appointed President Emeritus and that Mr. Gentry remain as Interim President while the Board of Trustees engage in a national search for the next President of CBC.  This arrangement maximizes both Mr. Gentry’s and Dr. Ware’s gifts to advance both CBC and the kingdom of God. 

Dr. Ware is recovering very well in fact better than expected. He will focus on speaking and writing, building relationships and expanding Crossroads and Grace Relations Initiative. For more information regarding the Grace Relations Initiative go to:


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