To Glorify God by Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ
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In 2017 ACBC Africa hosted its third annual conference in Pretoria, Gauteng at Lynnwood Baptist Church. The topic for the conference was Racism: When Colour Divides. During the conference all sessions were recorded and are available below:

Wayne Mack: The Ultimate Answer to the Problem of Racism

Charles Ware: One Race, One Blood

Neil Henry: The Sovereignty of God and its relation to Racism

Tim Cantrell: Interracial Marriage and the Bible – Who can I Marry?

Wayne Mack: Should Every Church Have a Counseling Centre?

Nicholas Allen: The Fear of Man and Racism

Charles Ware: God’s Reconciliation at Christ’s Expense

Neil Henry: Personal Testimony of One Who has Either Seen or Experienced Racism

Nicholas Ellen: Race and the Local Church

Ronald Kalifungwa: Creation and Racism

Sybrand De Swardt: What Motivates Prejudice and Racism

Joshua Mack: Counseling People You Don’t Like

Neil Anderson: Cross-Cutural Counseling

Charles Ware: How the Bible Has Been Misinterpreted to Justify Racism

Patrick Nemabubuni: Interracial Relationships

Joshua Mack: How Can People Who Have More Advantages Assist People Who Have Less?

Patrick Nemabubuni: The Gospel and Racism

Martyn Beets: Wrong Approaches to Solving the Problem of Racism

Nicholas Ellen: Practical Skils for Developing Deep Cross-Cultural Relationships

Neil Henry: Aiming for Multi-Ethnic Congregations That Glorify the Power of the Gospel

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