To Glorify God by Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ

A Word from the CBC Team: We welcome Dr. Mang to our team as an Adjunct Professor. You can get to know him through his bio and through today’s blog post. Hre Mang, Th.M., Ph.D.: Hre is an adjunct professor who teaches a leadership course at Crossroads Bible College. He is the senior pastor of Falam Christian Church of Indianapolis, IN. Hre and his wife, Lynda Tumpar, live in Indianapolis with their two children, Ginny Zalan Mang (senior) and Moses Cunghlei Mang (sophomore) at Perry Meridian High School. He is also currently serving as Vice President of the Crossroads Baptist Association of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The World Needs a Savior

When I first entered higher-level study in Burma, I was challenged to change the course of my country which had been ruled by military dictatorship for more than half a century. I was committed to setting the people free politically.

With the intention of gaining the essential education, I came to the States. However, while working for the government for seven years, God has shown me the broken world’s problem is not political, social, or something else, but rather it is spiritual.

The world’s most powerful, politically-free nation of America has more than 2 million jail inmates and more than 18 million individuals engaged with the court system. America also has more homicide victims than any country in the world.

What would save this broken world? Financial wealth, nuclear power, political freedom?

No. Only Jesus can set man’s spirit free. True freedom comes from God. I am an adjunct at Crossroads Bible College because Crossroads is about bringing back the reign of God in man’s heart, restoring the image of God, and bringing back the divine order in life, family, and society.

Godly Leadership

The church of Jesus Christ overcame the historical period of the Dark Ages by overcoming the religious institutions that became the hindrance for the flowing movement of the Holy Spirit for centuries. Now a new flood has been shaping Western civilization. There is an unpredictable historical landslide ahead of us. Today’s immorality, crime rates, and abandoning faith in God are all factors cornering this generation at a critical crossroads of history.

Christian leadership has never been challenged more in America than this generation. At this critical moment of our history, Crossroads Bible College is building up a younger generation of leaders by equipping them with the biblical resources to guide God’s people.

Born to Be a Revolutionary

I was born a revolutionary—I believe that’s the divine design in me. God has prepared me for the enormous task of building soldiers to face today’s challenges. I have been trained from eight institutions beyond high school. I have been broken into pieces which has humbled me. I now kneel before God with a total surrender of my heart and mind after being cornered in life where I could smell death. I am now equipped by the Holy Spirit to train the younger generation to respond to their divine calling to be ambassadors of the heavenly kingdom.

Crossroads Bible College is a place for God’s children to be trained and equipped for the call to take the responsibility God has prepared for this generation.


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