To Glorify God by Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ

We are pleased to announce that Crossroads Bible College has been recognized as a certified training center by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC)! What does this mean? It simply means that ACBC, one of the most reputable biblical counseling institutions in the world, has examined our biblical counseling curriculum and determined that it aligns with their standards for training counselors, and they have approved Crossroads to offer all the training required for Phase I of their process for certifying counselors.

What is ACBC?

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors exists to promote excellence in biblical counseling through training and certifying biblical counselors and training centers. Founded in 1976, it is the oldest and largest biblical counseling certifying organization in the world with over 1,600 certified counselors in over 30 countries. With headquarters at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, ACBC is a leading institution in the modern biblical counseling world.

Why Did Crossroads Pursue Certification as a Training Center?

Receiving recognition as an ACBC certified training center will help us carry out our mission to glorify God by training Christian leaders to reach a multiethnic urban world for Christ. Being recognized as a certified training center means that as our students are trained in biblical counseling, they are also taking steps toward their own individual certification as a biblical counselor. A student who completes their biblical counseling degree will have already completed Phase I of ACBC certification (learning), will be equipped to complete Phase II (exams), and will be ready for Phase III (supervised counseling). Individual certification as a biblical counselor recognizes your preparation to counsel with excellence, and it gives credibility to your counseling ministry. As Dr. Ware is fond of saying, “A call to leadership is a call to preparation.” ACBC certification ensures rigorous preparation for the vital ministry of counseling and discipleship.

What Does This Mean for Our Students?

By the time a biblical counseling student graduates, they will be well on their way to being certified by ACBC as a biblical counselor. The full certification process is an incredibly valuable season of learning to think about and do counseling effectively. Students who complete the process will not only have something valuable to include on their résumé, but more importantly, they will be prepared to apply God’s word personally and powerfully to the real life struggles of people.

What About Students Who Aren’t Majoring in Biblical Counseling?

Not only does our training center certification immediately benefit our biblical counseling students, but it can also provide more opportunities to equip students majoring in other programs. Perhaps you’re majoring in biblical studies or one of our leadership programs but you’d like to be trained in counseling.  In addition to the biblical counseling classes you can take, we can also provide conferences and workshops that count toward individual certification for any student. Whether you intend to be involved in a formal counseling ministry or not, this training will provide knowledge and skill to help you apply God’s word to your own life and to the lives of others. Hopefully every one of us who is a part of the Crossroads community plans to do that!

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