To Glorify God by Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ

We are excited to announce that Crossroads Bible College has invited Verity College Education to partner with us beginning in January 2017. Verity will move their base of operations in Indianapolis to CBC’s main campus location next month.


Who Is Verity?

Verity was started in 2001 to serve homeschool families and students in obtaining a liberal arts bachelor’s degree. It is a college program that equips students to live for Jesus Christ and serve Him in the home, the church, the workplace, the community, and around the world.

Verity has partnerships with several schools. In addition to Crossroads, Verity enjoys a partnership with Thomas Edison State University (TESU) in New Jersey. TESU awards regionally-accredited degrees to Verity’s students and provides their students tremendous savings through in-state tuition. They also have a partnership with College Plus whereby students from both schools may cross-register for selected classes.

Crossroads has enjoyed a relationship with Verity for almost a decade. Beginning in May 2007, Dr. Charles Ware was invited to speak at Verity’s commencement. Before becoming our Academic Dean, Marcus Schrader served as Verity’s Dean of Students from 2004 through 2007.

Partnership Benefits

This collaboration has many benefits for both institutions:

• Sharing the campus

• Leveraging personnel and resources

• Sharing a library


• Access to more classes, including Bible classes

• Sharing testing services

• Joint student activities

• Joint chapels and discipleship training

• More ministry opportunities

• More campus amenities (including an on-site, full-court gym!)


Welcome Verity!

On behalf of the Crossroads Board of Trustees, President Charles Ware, the Cabinet, faculty, staff, and students, we want to give a warm welcome to Verity. We look forward to partnering together for God’s glory.




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