To Glorify God by Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ

At Crossroads Bible College, we believe that people who are committed to and dependent upon Christ are what’s most important about any educational institution. It’s with this conviction in mind that we’ve created this Crossroads Bible College series Getting to Know…. Today we get to know one of our CBC faculty/staff, Dr. Nicholas Piotrowski, Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies.

CBC: “It’s great to connect with you, Dr. Piotrowski. How long have you worked at Crossroads Bible College and in what capacity/role(s)?”

NP: “I’ve been a professor at Crossroads for just over three years now. And for two years I’ve also been the library director. It’s been great teaching students how to rightly divide the Word, and opening their eyes to the major contours of the Scriptures. Improving the library services has also been very personally rewarding. But I must say, the library has a great staff. They deserve all the credit for the improvements; they really get the job done!”

CBC: “What first attracted you to ministry at CBC?”

NP: “I love the mission. The world is increasing becoming multiethnic and urban. If the Christian church is going to continue to be relevant in the future, then becoming fluent in the needs of our multiethnic urban world is a must. It’s thrilling to be a part of a ministry shaping leaders for today and that future.”

CBC: “Please tell our readers a bit more about your typical day or week at CBC.”

NP: “Well, it depends on the day! Some are filled with library odds and ends or faculty/staff meetings. There are always emails to attend to and networking with local church and para-church leaders. But the days I love the most are when I teach my classes and students are in my office dialoging over the glories of God. When I can, I also try to carve out time to research and write as well. Oh, and then there are always papers to grade (sigh).”

CBC: “What do you most enjoy about your ministry role at CBC?”

NP: “No doubt it’s the teaching. For one, I love the content of what I teach: primarily New Testament, but also Biblical Theology in general. But I also love the students. I love seeing them learn, and I’m always appreciative of the ways I learn from them as well.”

CBC: “Tell us about one or your current or upcoming classes. What does it focus on, why are you passionate about teaching it, and how will students benefit from the class?”

NP: “This spring I’ll be teaching two sections of Hermeneutics. Hermeneutics are the study of the art and science of how to legitimately and ethically interpret texts. It is the very foundation of all ministry! For what we do depends on what we believe, and what we believe depends on how we read the Scriptures. It’s just so important, and it’s not long into the course before students see the importance, too. I’m also in the process of writing a book on hermeneutics, so the more I teach it the more clarity I myself get.”

CBC: “So, give us your ‘elevator speech’: What’s your 30 second or 30-to-50 word summary that captures the essence of Crossroads Bible College? Or, what’s your 30 second or your 30-to-50 word summary of why a student should consider attending CBC?”

NP: “Have you ever cut down a tree? Did you use a dull axe or a sharp axe? Ministry that is not theologically formed is like swinging a dull axe. You might cut down the tree, but you’ll more likely hurt yourself and others around you. Why not sharpen the axe first? At Crossroads, we help you sharpen your axe: we theologically train you. And we give you more tools to be a life-long learner and theologian. Well, we’re at the twelve floor now; see you in class!”

CBC: “What church do you attend and in what ministry area(s) do you serve?”

NP: “I’m the Director of Leadership and Discipleship at Northside Baptist Church. It’s a limited role, but I believe the Church is the front line of ministry in the world, the institution the Lord Jesus set up himself for the spread of the glory of God in the gospel. I primarily teach adult class and try to raise others up into leadership.”

CBC: “Do you have a favorite Bible verse or passage that has been meaningful in your life? Why does it mean so much to you?”

NP: “All of Ecclesiastes. It’s meaningful to me because it’s easy to lose perspective. Ecclesiastes always focuses me again.”

CBC: “How can people be praying for you in your ministry at CBC?

NP: “Pray that my courses always stay fresh. Pray for my students to understand and put things together. And pray for my relationships with other church leaders.”

CBC: “Tell us a bit about your family…”

NP: “I have a beautiful wife, Cheryl (who is the Director of Advising at CBC) and two clever (and mischievous) boys, Silas and Andreas.”

CBC: “What do you like to do for fun?”

NP: “I like to read, golf, and take my boys to the Children’s Museum. Oh, and I love Mike Wildey’s jokes!”

CBC: “Is there anything else that you’d like people to know about you, your ministry at CBC, or about CBC?”

NP: “We are Indianapolis’s best-kept secret. And yet I’d be so bold as to say that Crossroads Bible College is the best college in Indianapolis. What other school teaches from such a robustly biblical worldview? What could be more important? Students know. And anyone who takes just one class discovers quickly how we open the Bible, and how the Bible shapes our hearts and minds.”

CBC: “Thank you so much, Dr. Piotrowski for making the time to help our readers get to know more about you and your ministry at Crossroads Bible College.”

Crossroads Bible College

To Glorify God by Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ

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