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A Word from Your CBC Team: We are excited to announce the publication of Help Us, Lord—We Can’t Fix Our Marriage! This new book is authored by Dr. Erskine Dodson, former professor and Department Chair of Pastoral Studies and Urban Ministries at Crossroads, and the husband of Phyllis Dodson, one of our dedicated staff members here at CBC. Help Us, Lord—We Can’t Fix Our Marriage! is an eight-week marriage handbook that provides practical, Bible-based instruction and exercises to help couples restore and strengthen their relationship with God and each other. In the following blog, Dr. Dodson introduces us to the focus and purpose of his new book.

In the Beginning

In Genesis 2, a husband and wife live in perfect harmony with God and each other. In Genesis 3, the archenemy of the home, Satan, slithers into Adam and Eve’s perfect Garden of Eden and disrupts unity and fellowship first between them and God and then with each other. From Genesis 3 to the present day, the same enemy (Satan the deceiver) continues to create enmity between man and God and destroy marriages.

Unrealistic Goals

All too often couples come for counseling so that the counselor can help fix their spouse. They are often blind to their own flaws. Also, couples are not willing to put in the work and discipline necessary to bring restoration and strength to their marriage by working, praying, and seeking the Word of God together. They want the counselor to do it all and they want their spouse to do all the changing.

Restoring God’s Plan for Marriage

The purpose of Help Us, Lord—We Can’t Fix Our Marriage! is to teach Christian couples to release offenses and make God the center of their marriage by praying and working through Scripture together. As they both yield to Him, He will work in and through them to heal and restore their marital relationship. Through personal experience, I hope to share practical and useful counsel to help others restore and keep their marriages on track by the grace and help of God.

Profitable for All

Even if you are not experiencing current struggles in your marriage, you can still benefit from the godly principles in this book because all of our marriages can be strengthened more. Maybe you would want to share this title with a friend like one of my dear parishioners, Dori Gomes, has done. She writes:

“After reading this book myself, I asked Dr. Dodson for copies to share with other couples years before it went to print. This book will challenge you greatly, but if you can make it through this book with your spouse, I’ve been told that you will most certainly see a positive outcome in your marriage. I’ve given a copy to four couples. The one couple who made it through the book is still married today. The three who couldn’t get past the first step of praying together are not. There is power in prayer.

I highly recommend this book, especially for couples who haven’t reached their breaking point. Help Us, Lord—We Can’t Fix Our Marriage! will help you identify possible issues you didn’t even know you were facing and will help build a great foundation for communication. Dr. Dodson has over 40 years of marriage under his belt. He is incredibly profound in thought and very transparent in his own life.”

Help Us Lord—We Can’t Fix our Marriage! is available at or


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