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John Rolle: Student Feature

John Rolle Loving Gangs in the Bahamas

“We have to love our neighbors with our heart, mind and soul & NO GAPS!”, John Rolle a Pastoral Leadership student proclaimed.  A thick accent and grey, tinged dred locks make him noticeable, but it is John’s drive and passion for others that makes him unforgettable.

A huge heart for his neighbors in the Bahamas brought John to Crossroads.  Hoping to return to preach and minister with deeper insights, John came to prepare in how to address gang violence.  It is rampant.  “When I am home, I have many friends in gangs.  They can’t see how they can break free and return to normal life”.  Murder, drugs and violence are daily occurrences.  “We need to bring the churches together to love these people.”

John envisions bringing all the gangs and the police together in the giant “running” stadium, to share truth in love.   In order to help stop the violence, John hopes to make a personal appeal to the Prime Minister.  All this, in order to share a message of lasting hope to those embroiled in the fighting.  “Other schools I tried never came close to going into the depth of scripture, to explore the end of the road, to examine all things, as Crossroads has done”. John is adamant about the truthe of scripture and not buying into humanism for answers. “Christianity without loving your neighbor…just isn’t Christianity. At Crossroads we learn to love all types of people.”  John hopes to preach and teach that sermon many times in the future especially in the Bahamas.

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