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Films and Farms

Lachelle Feavel: “Films and Farms”

Heartland Film Festival intern and Crossroads graduate Lachelle Feavel, shared how you can make an unlikely connection. Lachelle was seeking a way to combine her interests in agriculture, children, horse ministry and film. “I did not learn specifically how to better train horses or how to better engage a nine-year-old in a camp craft time, but I did learn how to take the humanities and Scripture and see how all of Truth applies to life”, she gleamed.

Profesors at Crossroads helped her learn how to focus on directing her gifts and abilties but more importantly how to discern, “dig in” and learn.

“I was taught to see all of life as sacred”, she said. “Eventually produce independent films that promote positive values and realistic problems/solutions from God’s perspective”.

“Do you have a reason for being, a focused sense of purpose in your life? Or is your life the product of shifting resolutions and the myriad pulls of forces outside yourself? Do you want to go beyond success to significance? Have you come to realize that self-reliance always falls short and that world-denying solutions provide no answer in the end? Listen to Jesus of Nazareth; answer his call.” Os Guinness, The Call (1998/2003), p. 7