To Glorify God by Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ
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“Mega Ministry”

“Mega Ministry”

“Mega Ministry” “CBC at its core is a school that sticks to Biblical Principles”, Charles Walter shared. Charles came to Crossroads just to take a couple courses that were “Biblically sound” and ended up graduating with a degree in Management...
“Broadcasting Love”

“Broadcasting Love”

“Broadcasting Love” Ray Hashley: “Broadcasting Love” “It wasn’t an aha moment for me,” said Ray about when he decided to attend Crossroads. Ray the Station Manager for WGNR Moody Radio was simply looking to complete his...
“Voodoo Exposed”

“Voodoo Exposed”

“Voodoo Exposed” Juzette Me’nard: “Voodoo Exposed” Juzette Anne-Rose Me’nard was born in the North-West of Haiti, a place saturated with Voodoo. Her father is a pastor near Port-au-Prince. “My parents lives have been threatened because of...
“Films and Farms”

“Films and Farms”

Films and Farms Lachelle Feavel: “Films and Farms” Heartland Film Festival intern and Crossroads graduate Lachelle Feavel, shared how you can make an unlikely connection. Lachelle was seeking a way to combine her interests in agriculture, children, horse...
“Loving Gangs in the Bahamas”

“Loving Gangs in the Bahamas”

“Loving Gangs in the Bahamas” John Rolle: Loving Gangs in the Bahamas “We have to love our neighbors with our heart, mind, and soul and NO GAPS!” John Rolle a Pastoral Leadership student proclaimed. A thick accent and grey, tinged dreadlocks make him...