To Glorify God by Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ
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CBC Chapel

Memorable moments of life change happen at the CBC chapel.

At Crossroads, our chapels are open to all students, friends and family. Each semester, check the calendar here for the dates and times. We welcome your joining in with us for prayer, worship, singing, and rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

Come as you are!

Spring 2018 Semester Dates

Main Campus

1/29/18 Marcus Schrader 2-2:40 PM
2/1/18 Dehner Maurer 2-2:40 PM
2/5/18 Dr. Brandyberry 6-6:30 PM
2/12/18 John Jackson 2-2:40 PM
2/15/18 Dr. Brandyberry 2-2:40 PM
2/22/18 Mike Smith 6-6:30 PM
2/9/18 Pastor Strietelmeier 2-2:40 PM
2/26/18 Dr. Kevin Smith 2-2:40 PM
3/1/18 Yamil Acevedo 2-2:40 PM
3/6/18 Hosea Baxter 6-6:30 PM
3/12/18 Corey Rogers 2-2:40 PM
3/15/18 Derrin Slack 2-2:40 PM
3/20/18 Dr. Dodson 6-6:30 PM
4/9/18 Chris Sarver 2-2:40 PM
4/23/18 Daniel Morgan 6-6:30 PM
4/30/18 Roger Williams 2-2:40 PM
5/3/18 Dr. A. Charles Ware 2-2:40 PM