To Glorify God by Training Christian Leaders to Reach a Multiethnic Urban World for Christ
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By Nicholas Piotrowski (on

St. Augustine (354–430) is commonly considered the greatest of the Church Fathers.  He was certainly the most influential.  He not only summed up the excellent teachers before him, but also cultivated new theological ground out of which the burgeoning medieval theology would grow.  The Reformation (over 1,000 years after his death!) has been described as a battle over his theology.  Both Protestants and Catholics wanted to claim him as their own (for different reasons).  And to this day, his books The City of God, On the Trinity, and The Confessions are still read for their theological and devotional value.  There is not a Christian alive today has not been influenced—directly or otherwise—by this North African bishop of Hippo

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Dr. Piotrowski’s goal is to make explicit the manifold glories of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ for the good of the church and the world. To this end he hopes to instill in his students a philosophically consistent hermeneutic to the text of Scripture, and a cultural sensitivity for discerning the spirit of our age. Dr. Piotrowski believes that the Bible contains a unified metanarrative that can be brought to bear on the questions that postmoderns are asking. Courses he teaches include Hermeneutics, New Testament Survey I & II, Systematic Theology I, II & III, Theology of Culture, Apologetics, Greek and Hebrew. Dr. Piotrowski also has a passion for cultural apologetics—the engagement with long-standing cultural and social trends that bear on the broad perception of the plausibility of the gospel. The majority of his work has been done through the Fox Valley Theological Society (, of which he is a cofounder. His wife, Cheryl, and their two sons, Silas and Andreas, are excited to participate in what the Lord is doing through Crossroads!

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