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A Word from the CBC Team: Today’s post is by Annetta Coleman. She is our Director of Admissions and Retention at Crossroads Bible College.

The demands of being a Christian admissions professional can be quite rewarding. This profession is not one that most people plan to do, however, it is something that you “fall into.” To some Christian professionals, it is a “calling”— a calling to fulfill an assignment that will glorify God and help people better themselves personally and spiritually. On several occasions in the Bible, you find many chosen people that were called to specific assignments for a period such as sharing information, changing a situation or a culture, encouraging, teaching, or rebuking. In admissions, it is the same way.

First Responders

We are what you call first responders. We are there at the beginning of the countless calls, the nervous voices after taking assessments, and the visits of students interested and excited about attending a Christian college. Being able to decipher what the student needs and wants simultaneously becomes the drive for the professional.


There are no better sounds to hear than the excitement in the voices of those who are notified that they have been accepted into the college or the elation of students moving throughout the building. Seeing students of all ages proudly walk across the stage after years of laboring effortlessly to complete assignments, meet deadlines, and balance family and life is priceless.


Yet, as in any profession at times, it is not without its challenges. You must be prayerful and intentional about building and sustaining student and staff relationships. Incoming students will need their needs addressed. You need to be available to counsel and comfort discouraged and burdened students. In addition, knowing how to reach potential applicants or those who are “not so sure” Christian college will pay off are all a part of our heartbeat.

We are constantly balancing our efforts and focus. As admissions professionals, we carry the weight of the unforeseen. Will the students we accept today be retained to graduation? Our minds carefully plan events that will help promote the school and student achievement.


For the Christian, with all the rewards and challenges that the position provides, it is more than a place of employment or a career—it becomes a calling. As mentioned earlier, a calling is simply the ability to be a vessel for God. We are to be used as change agents in the lives of others. As admissions professionals, we are a diverse group equipped to lead, love, and lift other individuals when they enter our colleges. Our commission as Christians is as Matthew 28:19 states, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” The heartbeat or driving force of any Christian profession is having the heart of God our Father.

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