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A Word from Your Crossroads Team: For the past four years, Jeanne Crafton has served Crossroads as Director of our Fort Wayne campus. Students know Jeanne as much more than an admissions counselors, or advisor, or recruiter; they know Jeanne as a friend, encourager, counselor, and their biggest cheerleader. In today’s post, Jeanne shares her vision and passion for our Fort Wayne campus.

Uniquely Qualified: Our Mission and Vision

Uniquely Qualified—that’s us, Crossroads Bible College Fort Wayne. We’re positioned uniquely in the City of Fort Wayne, designed to meet a specific need, for a specific group of people—committed Christians desiring to grow and serve Christ better everyday.

As leaders grow, so do those around them. Therefore the zip codes in the Fort Wayne area are being influenced by Crossroads Bible College staff and students alike.

Uniquely Qualified Professors 

Our instructors are talented, gifted, and skilled in their studies of expertise. This means all professors have gone thorough the rigors of education, years and years of learning and training, studying while others are at a barbeque or on a relaxing vacation. Down time doesn’t mean relaxing; it means completing another paper and trench training.

Ninety-five percent of our instructors are still working full-time in the professional area in which they teach, so they are current and relevant for today’s changing times. Their level of commitment can be observed as they teach topically, demonstrating kindness and patience as they guide and instruct those they teach.

The following story is from one of our newest faculty additions, Michelle White, our English Professor.

“God, please let me teach again. Adults or kids, I don’t care, but please let me teach again. A change of employment had left me searching for a job that would meet the unique needs of my family. I needed something that would supplement my husband’s income and still allow me to stay home with our three young children (one a newborn). Minutes after praying this prayer, God answered it through Crossroads Bible College.

Interacting with the amazing adult students in my classes is a blessing. I love being able to take part in discussions about God and what He has for us, and I love the relational side of teaching as well. Learning about the lives of my students through conversation and prayer requests is rewarding, and it is so interesting to hear the story of how everyone came to be involved with Crossroads Bible College. This is the perfect fit for me—teaching as an adjunct professor with students I love on a subject that I love.”

Uniquely Qualified Students 

As Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb in 1879 has lit up homes everywhere, our goal at Crossroads Bible College Fort Wayne is to light up the City of Fort Wayne with leaders who carry hope and vision of a better day called eternity.

Our students at CBCFW are people who have goals and vision of desiring to improve their skills and bringing greater personal value to their lives and those around them. Students demonstrate a willingness to work through the demands of education such as writing and typing papers, reading textbooks, giving reviews, updating their computer skills (as a younger generation assumes they know what esc means), defining plagiarism, and works cited— all of this is part of the process.

As administration and faculty, our ministry is to encourage students so that they might become greater influencers as they seek to lead their families, neighborhoods, churches, and various places of influence. They offer hope to a hopeless society, a society that continues to try to fill a void that can only be filled by a loving Savior. Regardless of where students live or work, God first makes for a great future. That is how you do success: God’s mission, trained educators, and willing students to walk the walk, so hand in hand we can offer a future and a hope to all people everywhere.

Unique Opportunities

So join us as we change the City of Fort Wayne from the inside out!

Program Offering on the Fort Wayne Campus include:

Associates of Arts

  • Leadership and Ministry
  • Organizational Leadership (July 1, 2016)

Bachelors of Science

  • Leadership and Ministry
  • Organizational Leadership (July 1, 2016)

More available programs and classes ONLINE.

For more information, contact:

Jeanne Crafton

Director of Crossroads Bible College Fort Wayne

1025 W. Rudisill Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46807

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